Information Technology (IT) Security Regulation 512

Regulation 512 Approved: February 3, 2021
Information Technology Security
Regulation 512
Source of Authority: N.C.G.S. 116-34(a); 132-1.4A
UNC Code § 502(A); 1400.2
Revision Authority: Chancellor
History: First Issued: February 3, 2021
Related Policies: Business Continuity Plan Regulation 104;
Code of Conduct & Discipline Regulation 802;
Emergency Management Regulation 701;
Improper Activities Reporting Regulation 114;
IT Account Management Regulation 503;
Takedown Notice Regulation 507;
Virtual Private Network (VPN) Regulation 510
Responsible Offices: Campus Police, Information Technologies
Effective Date: February 3, 2021

I. Purpose

The purpose of this regulation is to specify requirements for compliance with University policies, regulations, and procedures, as well as applicable Federal and State laws and regulations as related to information technology (IT) security. Standards may include business principles, best practices, technical benchmarks, migration, and implementation strategies that direct the design, deployment, and management of information resources.

II. Scope

The parameters of this regulation apply to all personnel, schools, and departments of the University.

III. Definitions

IV. Regulation

Information Technology (IT) will promulgate departmental rules regarding cybersecurity, which will be posted on the IT informational webpage. 

V. Revision History

A. February 3, 2021 – Adopted by the Chancellor and Cabinet as part of UNCSA Policy Manual