Student Retention Regulation 808

Regulation 808 Approved: February 17, 2011
Student Retention Regulation
Policy 808
Source of Authority: N.C.G.S. 116-34(a);
UNC Code § 502(A)
Revision Authority: Chancellor
History: First Issued: February 17, 2011
Related Regulations: Final Course Grade Review Regulation 804;
Grievance (Students) Regulation 805;
Involuntary Withdrawal Regulation 807;
Prohibited Harassment & Title IX Regulation 121
Responsible Offices: Provost
Effective Date: Fall 2011 Term

I. Purpose

This regulation establishes retention by invitation only and outlines the appeal rights from a non-retention decision.

II. Scope

This regulation applies to all UNCSA students.

III. Definitions

IV. Regulation

A. Students at UNCSA may continue in their studies only upon the appropriate arts school’s approval.

B. Each arts school must have a written regulation and procedures approved by the Provost as to how it determines which students will not be retained at UNCSA.

C. A student at UNCSA may appeal an arts school decision not to retain the student on any of the following grounds:

1. the regulation and procedures of the arts school for such decisions were not followed;

2. the decision was based upon arbitrary or personal reasons unrelated to faculty members’ exercise of professional judgment in the evaluation of academic/artistic performance of the student;

3. the decision was based upon prohibited discrimination or harassment as defined by UNCSA Prohibited Harassment Policy; OR

4. there was a recent material or substantive change of circumstances that resulted in a change in the student’s performance.

D. The appeal must present compelling evidence that one or more of the grounds for appeal existed.

V. Revision History

A. February 17, 2011 – Adopted by Board of Trustees as part of UNCSA Policy Manual