FOCUS Curriculum

FOCUS Curriculum

Students at UNCSA learn and grow inside and outside the classroom. Residential Life and Housing has developed curriculum called FOCUS that creates opportunities for artist scholars to develop within their communities and become responsible citizens. The curriculum challenges students to focus on their art, their community, their relationships and their personal well-being while at UNCSA.

I am learning so much about myself through the programs offered by the Residence Life team and know that they care about me and how successful I am as an artist at UNCSA.


College students learn to:

  • Communicate effectively with others.
  • Advocate for their needs.
  • Develop financial literacy.
  • Establish academic success strategies.
  • Examine their identity and how they are a part of society.

High school students learn to:

  • Identify the impact of their decisions.
  • Define strategies for handling personal conflict.
  • Discover available resources for success.
  • Examine how identities shape experiences.

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Four Learning Goals

FOCUS uses sequenced, individualized and targeted interventions with strategic community building. Its educational priorities are set using researched-backed pedagogy and assessment to provide transformative learning opportunities.

Citizenship: Student will develop relationships and engage in ways that will define community through challenge and exploration.

Wellness: Students will explore healthy choices regarding personal well-being.

Artist Scholars: Students will cultivate their creativity and establish academic success strategies.

Awareness and Identity: Student will explore social identities and examine how their own identities integrate with society.


It is clear to me that the staff on this campus are trying to teach us and give us opportunities to better ourselves, challenge ourselves and think about the world around us differently.


FOCUS Strategies


Passive programming. Bulletin Boards that displays important information about upcoming events, resources available to students or information that will assist with student success.

Active Programming. Interactive and engaging events that happen at a specific time and place providing opportunities for students to learn something new while building community.

Digital Outreach. Using social media, email announcements and other forms of technology to send important messages from the learning objectives of FOCUS.

Grab and Go. A strategy that allows students to grab an item with a message on their way to class or rehearsal allowing students to still engage with important lessons while balancing a busy schedule.


Intentional Conversations. One-on-one conversations with students that focus on a specific topic and provide the student with an opportunity to ask questions, seek resources and build relationships.

Educational Conversations. Conversations that educate students on policies, procedures or correct a behavior to ensure that students are learning from their experiences.

Community Standards

Community Meetings. Monthly meetings that celebrate students, announce upcoming opportunities and educate students on various learning objectives.

Hall Meetings. Meetings that bring an entire hall together to focus on discussing questions, concerns and policies while also providing an opportunity to build relationships and strategize upcoming events.

Health and Safety Checks. Checks that take place periodically throughout the year to ensure that each student is living in a healthy and safe environment.

Roommate Agreements. Written agreements done amongst roommates that discuss room preferences and responsibilities for each resident.

Leadership Development

Training. Ongoing intentional opportunities to train students on topics that will benefit them while they attend UNCSA and provide them will a skill set after graduation.

Teaching. Opportunities where FOCUS lessons can be offered in the classroom setting.

Workshops. One-time opportunities for students to learn FOCUS lessons throughout the year and develop a set of skills that will encourage student success.


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