New Virtual Tour gives applicants edge on UNCSA experience

It’s new. All new. New school. New place to live. New roommate. Sometimes even a new country. Looking for the right place to go to school is intimidating, but UNCSA’s Virtual Tour allows you to step onto its campus – before you even book a trip.

UNCSA consists of five art conservatories in Dance, Drama, Design & Production, Filmmaking and Music. Filled with both behind-the-scene shots of what it’s like to live, work and study in a community of artists, the UNCSA Virtual Tour allows you to explore our campus at your own pace. We understand dancers may care more about dance floors than sound stages or musicians want to hear about the practice rooms and performance opportunities. The Virtual Tour also gives you the opportunity to see residential housing and academics for both our high school and college student experiences.

My favorite part about being here is that I'm constantly around art. There are so many performances to go to whether it's a drama performance, cabaret, a dance or concert. I really value that.

Jaevon Williams (HS '15 Drama)

Student tour guides share key features and fun facts at each stop. As you listen you’ll see pictures related to the tour location. You can stop the tour at any time to explore student commentary, 360° panoramas, videos and additional content or just to find out where you are on the interactive campus map. You are in control of your tour. It’s your tour on your time. Tour as often as you like.

Wish you could talk to someone about life at UNCSA?

Hear about campus life from both current and recently graduated students with more than 275 video snippets of student commentary. You’ll get the real student scoop on dorm life, challenges and favorite faculty. Students also give you advice on preparing for your audition or interview.

Because it is such a reputable arts conservatory a lot of people get kind of nervous about their audition and impressing the faculty. But I say just go for it because you never know what the school is looking for and they are looking for hard workers and people who have the passion for their art.

Kellyn Thornburg ('15 Dance)

The campus has a park-like feel set on 77 hilly acres near downtown Winston-Salem, N.C. Its facilities set UNCSA apart from other universities or high schools. The campus has sound stages, 70,000 square feet of space for constructing scenery and props, 590-seat concert auditorium, thrust-stage theatre similar to the Circle Repertory Theatre in New York City and dance studios with permanent sprung systems. While on-site tours show you the campus, the Virtual Tour gives you a peek at what is going on at different times of the day or of the school year.

Unquestionably, it is best to visit the campus in person, but that isn’t always possible. Several students never step onto the campus until their interview or audition – like you want that day to be any more stressful. Experiencing the UNCSA Virtual Tour gives you the edge to know so much more about UNCSA before you ever drive up the main entrance on Giannini Drive.