Del McCoury Band

Del McCoury Band

UNCSA Presents: American Music Series

The Del McCoury Band has recorded 15 bluegrass albums since 1992, including the 2006 Grammy Award-winner, "The Company We Keep." For more than 50 years, McCoury's music has defined authenticity for hard-core bluegrass fans.

Though the ’90s propelled the band to the top of the bluegrass world, the decade also gave birth to a more startling phenomenon: the emergence of the group onto the larger musical scene as a unique torchbearer for the entire sweep of bluegrass and its history.

It turned out that the authenticity of McCoury’s music – along with his willingness to keep alert for new sounds and new opportunities – had bred fans in some unlikely places. As he co-wrote with Harley Allen and continues to sing: “Don’t let it ever be said darling, that what I do don’t bring me joy. I’m a guitar-picking, bluegrass-singing, never-grow-up boy.”

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