"The Fairytale Lives of Russian Girls" and other fantastical comic tales

The Fairytale Lives of Russian Girls

When Annie's mother packs her off to the former Soviet Union to brush up her business Russian and reap the rewards of modern Rus, she and her new friends Katya and Masha find themselves contending with iron-toothed grandmas, boyfriends who are literal bears, and the scourge of six-inch heels.

As Annie attempts to discover the truth of her past and what it truly means to come home, the three girls learn that sometimes you have to become your own fairy godmother and take control of your own story (and economic opportunities). Meg Miroshnik's sharp comedy deftly skewers the failings of a world run by men where women are expected to be damsels in distress and is an empowering fairy tale for the #MeToo age.

Other fantastical comic tales

  • "Poof" by Lynn Nottage
  • "Three Guys and a Brenda" by Adam Bock

Directed by Scott Zigler

Tickets Price: $20 regular/$15 student

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