Stick Fly


The wealthy, African-American LeVay family is gathering at their Martha’s Vineyard vacation home for a summer weekend. Brothers Kent (a.k.a. Spoon) and Harold (a.k.a. Flip) have each brought their respective partners home for the first time. Kent’s fiancée, Taylor, struggles to fit into the family’s affluent lifestyle, while Flip’s girlfriend, Kimber, on the other hand, is a self-described WASP who fits in more easily.

Rounding out the family drama is the demanding patriarch, Joe, and Cheryl, the daughter of the family’s longtime housekeeper. Issues of race, class and family are on centerstage in this contemporary comedy of manners.

Director’s note: recommended for mature audiences.

Written by Lydia Diamond
Directed by Avery Glymph (Drama '95)

Tickets $20 regular/$15 student

Patrons Theatre
1533 South Main Street, Winston Salem NC