Top Girls


Situated at the height of Margaret Thatcher’s England in the 1980’s, “Top Girls” focuses on Marlene, the head of a London employment agency, and examines the sacrifices that she has had to make to achieve her successful career.

Directed by fourth-year directing student Abigail Holland, “Top Girls” opens with an over-the-top dinner party scene attended by five women from history, literature and legend who share their experiences of life, work, love and children. The play continues with a look at the day-to-day battles that Marlene faces at work in a male-dominated industry. “Top Girls” asks questions that continue to resonate today as much as they did when the play was conceived.

Written by Caryl Churchill
Directed by Abigail Holland (4th Year Directing Thesis)


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Tickets $20 regular/$15 student

Hanesbrands Theatre
209 N. Spruce St. Winston-Salem, NC