The Odyssey

Silhouette and cloud

When home is a question, more than an answer, what drives us to find it and go back to it? How does a 2,000-year old epic about a Greek hero and his 10-year journey have anything to teach us in 2020?

“The Odyssey,” adapted by Mary Zimmerman, directed by UNCSA fourth-year directing student Carlo Feliciani Ojeda, will blur the modern and mythical and bring Odysseus to life through the eyes of the goddess of wisdom, Athena. This production will take audiences on a journey of monsters, people and the haunts of the past.

Written by Homer
Adapted by Mary Zimmerman
Directed by Carlo Feliciani Ojeda (4th Year Directing Thesis)

Tickets $20 regular/$15 student

Catawba Theatre
1533 South Main Street, Winston Salem NC