“Down in the face of God” - Livestream

“Down in the face of God”

Contemporary Voices: A Virtual Theater Festival — Part 1

“Down in the face of God,” a post-apocalyptic mashup of Greek tragedies “The Bacchae'' and “Antigone,” is the first play in a trilogy written by up-and-coming playwright Tim J. Lord that is a radical reimagining of the Oedipus story. Set in modern-day southern Illinois, “Down in the face of God” takes the audience to a dystopian version of the real-life city of Thebes. Lord calls into question identity, religion, familial obligation and what is home. Is our story already determined? Or can we really escape our fate? Perhaps, if only we are brave enough to follow the signs.

As a native of the Midwest and a member of the disability community, Lord tells stories of people and communities who are often overlooked on our stages and strives to illuminate ignored and underrepresented perspectives.

Director Cameron Knight and UNCSA Studio IV and Studio III drama students had the opportunity to work directly with the playwright as they developed the production. The performance was filmed live in Hanesbrands Theatre during the fall semester.

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“Down in the face of God” - Livestream