Ten Thousand Birds


Ten Thousand Birds

SEP 16, 2023

$25 adult/$20 student

Schedule and Details

Sep 16, 20233 p.m.


Come commune with nature and experience Pulitzer and Grammy award-winning American composer John Luther Adams’ “Ten Thousand Birds.” The work, meant to be performed outdoors, is inspired by the songs of birds that are native to, or migrate through, the area in which the piece is being performed — for this performance, Winston-Salem. Follow the cycle of a day, starting with avian songs of the morning, then afternoon, evening, night, and finally returning to morning. The performers are on the move as they play and encourage you, the audience, to move, too, and experience the music from a variety of perspectives. 

The audacious contemporary music ensemble Alarm Will Sound is producing this warbling, chirping, trilling event.

Program to Include:

  • Ten Thousand Birds by John Luther Adams

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