Musical Portraits


Tadeu Coelho, Oskar Espina Ruiz and Dmitri Vorobiev in Recital: Musical Portraits

SEP 26, 2023

$20 adult/$15 student

Taxes and fees not included.

Schedule and Details

Sep 26, 20237:30 p.m.
Watson Hall
1533 South Main Street, Winston-Salem, NC


Camille Saint-Saëns’ Tarantelle for flute, clarinet and piano is the brilliant opener to this trio program, presented by three Music faculty artists, that includes works by living composers Valerie Coleman, Gabriela Lena Frank, Russell Peterson and Guillaume Connesson.

Coleman’s “Portraits of Langston” features School of Drama faculty member Krisha Marcano as the Narrator of Langston Hughes’ poetic memories of Harlem and Paris in the early 1900s – a time when the arts celebrated African American culture – and the subject of Coleman’s musical portraits.

Frank’s "Amadeoso" is a short tone poem that imagines the composer’s childhood dream of walking hand-in-hand with Mozart through the Andes. Peterson’s “Trio” travels far in time and space, from the re-creation of a Middle Eastern oboe called “Duduk” to a relentlessly rocking last movement. 

Connesson’s “Techno-Parade” provides a wild finale to this program, showcasing the raw energy of techno music.  

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