Understand the Conservatory Experience

UNCSA is unique among the 17 schools in the University of North Carolina system. We are a professional training ground for exceptionally talented and ambitious young artists.

The conservatory advantage

At the heart of the profound UNCSA experience is the conservatory model of teaching and learning. Across all five of our conservatories — Dance, Design and Production, Drama, Filmmaking, and Music — students learn one-on-one from professional artists in supportive mentor-apprentice relationships. In a conservatory, you’ll learn by doing, by trying, by failing and by creating something unimaginable.

The best kind of hard work

The UNCSA conservatory experience is intense and invigorating. Yes, students work incredibly hard, but they put in the extra hours of rehearsal and editing and studio time because they love it. Challenged and encouraged by faculty mentors, surrounded by brilliant and creative peers, the conservatory provides a transformative artistic experience for aspiring professionals.

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