Leo Register

School of Design & ProductionThird-Year Student
Leo Register

Leo is a third-year Scenic Technology BFA candidate in the School of Design and Production. Originally from Smolensk, Russia, he grew up in Raleigh, North Carolina where he developed a love for carpentry and theatrical production. In addition to serving as a Student Ambassador, he has served as an associate for the UNCSA Student Government Association and currently sits on the SGA Executive Council for the 2017-2018 school year. He also helps lead the on-campus Christian ministry, Art & Soul.   

What are some of your favorite spots on campus or in the community? 

If it's a nice day out then I can often be found hammocking on the Hill, but the fountain in Daniel's Plaza is a fantastic place to relax as well. On clear evenings the athletic field by the fitness center is an excellent place to go star gazing or look at the downtown skyline. The best place to see the skyline or sunset, however, has got to be the fourth floor of the library. 

What do you like about being a Student Ambassador?

I really enjoy the opportunity to hear about the dreams that prospective students have for college and their overall career. There's just something about hearing a dream and then getting to show them that there exists a place in this world where such a crazy dream could become reality. I also thoroughly enjoy getting to be very down to earth and honest with both the students and the parents. College is not an easy endeavor and an arts conservatory is certainly no exception; if anything, it is even more difficult! The chance to prepare a prospective student through the lens of a current student is an invaluable resource and it's a great honor I get to have.