Amy Laliberty

Design and ProductionSecond-Year Student
School of Design & Production
Amy Laliberty

Amy Laliberty is a second-year Scenic Design major in the School of Design and Production. Amy loves being a part of a community like UNCSA and wants to be able to express the same feeling of appreciation to those who are interested in attending this school. When you arrive at the school, the best part is to experience everything it has to offer and to allow yourself to be who you are!

What brought you to UNCSA?

I looked at other schools for arts programs but none of them stood out to me as much as UNCSA did. My theatre arts teacher told me about the school and I instantly fell in love with everything about the campus.

What is your fondest memory on campus?

A lot of my fondest memories on campus are the nights where I can hang with those closest to me and just relax and talk about shows we have worked on. The other memories I love are those where I get to work on shows and remember meeting some of my best friends for the first time!