Blythe Koster

School of DanceFourth-Year Student
School of Dance
Blythe Koster

Blythe is from a small town outside of Grand Rapids, Michigan, and she is a fourth-year in the School of Dance as a Contemporary Dance major. This is her second year as a Student Ambassador in the Office of Admissions. Also, Blythe is going into her third year in the Residence Life Program as the ARLC, her second year as a School of Dance peer mentor and is one of the Work Study students for the Dance Department. 

What made you decide to come to UNCSA?

I attended the Summer Session in 2014 and fell in love with the program, faculty and the sense of community this school offers. I auditioned at nine other schools and did not find anything like this program. The connection I made with faculty members made me feel important, noticed and that they have my best interest in mind, and that is what I needed.

What are your favorite things about the school? 

The sense of community that is established beyond your classmates with faculty, peers in other departments and alumni. Also, there is a lot of artistic inspiration from the people you talk to, the shows you go to and within collaboration. My most favorite about this school is that staff, faculty, administration and your peers realize that you are a person before your art and really try to help further your development as a human being.