Briana Middleton


DramaThird-Year Student

School of Drama
Briana Middleton

Briana is a second-year Acting student in the School of Drama. Briana moved around a lot growing up, but calls Nashville, Tennessee, home. She’s so grateful to be a drama student at this time with all the exceptional growth taking place. Previously, Briana attended Carnegie Mellon University as a Music Theatre Student, but feels so incredibly at home here at the School of the Arts and with all the family she’s made so far.

Why did you want to become an Ambassador?

I just want people to realize what a special place UNCSA is. Coming from another institution, I can truly see how unique this school is. The school can fly under some prospective students’ radar because of its location, but as a Drama student, the Drama school is going through a lot of good change and I’d love to share how exciting it is to get to be a part of it all.

When you get homesick, what helps you?

Music has always been intensely therapeutic for me, so when I get homesick I listen to a lot of the songs that my mom would play in the house growing up. That, or I just call my home.