Colleen Munro

Height: 5'9 "/ Eyes: Blue / Hair: Red 

                                 RÉSUMÉ HEADSHOT

University Theatre

Arms and the Man


UNCSA - Kent Stephens     

Right You Are (If You Think You Are)  Lady Frola UNCSA - Laura Braza
Side Show Tattoo Girl  UNCSA - Bob Francesconi
Blue Window Boo UNCSA - Josh Foldy
Much Ado about Nothing Beatrice UNCSA - Josh Foldy
The Years Andrea  UNCSA - Caroline Kava
Suburbia Bee-Bee UNCSA - Josh Foldy

Theater Alliance of Washington, D.C. Producing Artistic Director: Colin Hovde

  • UNCSA Instructors: Kent Stephens, Josh Foldy, Caroline Kava, Tanya Belov, Greg Walter, Janine Hawley, Matt Loehr, Krisha Marcano, Cynthia Penn, Robin Christian-McNair, Ann-Louise Wolf, Geordie MacMinn, Mary Irwin, Jesse Berger, Dale Girard, Quin Gordon, Robert Beseda, Bob Francesconi
  • CenterStage Dance Academy, Singing, Ron Shetler
Special Skills

IPA Fluent, Accents (RP, London, Marked RP, South African, Scottish, French), Certified in Stage Combat (Rapier and Dagger, Unarmed, Knife), clowning/red nose.