Jenna Travis

Design and ProductionThird-Year Student
School of Design & Production
Jenna Travis

Jenna is a third-year Costume Technology student in the School of Design and Production. In addition to serving as the Director of Campus Tours, they are also a D&P peer mentor and a member of the Welcome Squad. They have been involved with theatre for most of their life and have been able to expand their experience to work with professional dance and opera companies through the connections made at UNCSA.

What brought you to UNCSA?

UNCSA has a unique set up with a stand-alone school for design and production. We get to support the creative projects of the other schools on campus, but we also get to explore and pursue our own endeavours. That, coupled with the conservatory approach.

What advice would you give to prospective students?

College is not an easy endeavour and an arts conservatory is certainly no exception; if anything, it is even more difficult! Take the time to do your research on each school you are interested in. Talk to current students. Sit in on a class if you can. It's really important that you are able to see yourself learning and living in that environment.