Madeleine Louviere

Design and ProductionSecond-Year Student
School of Design & Production
Madeleine Louviere

Madeleine is a second-year Stage Manager in the School of Design and Production at UNCSA. She arrived to North Carolina from Dallas, Texas. She fell in love with the campus immediately due to its immersive community and expressive style.

What made you decide to come to UNCSA? 

UNCSA has this special vibe about it. It is the way that students interact with each other on a day-to-day basis, it’s the way that the shops that we work in are run like any professional shop that you would find in the true industry and it’s also the way that you are able to truly connect one-on-one with your professors. Everything is more than just classwork, its all art. 

What are your favorite things about the school? 

I would say its mainly how we get a well-rounded education. We aren’t just taught our majors in D&P, we are taught a variety of different types of shop work throughout our first year. Another thing would be that D&P gets to work with all of the schools on campus. We are not siloed into our arts. (Not to mention that the fall here is just gorgeous!)