Maria Divittorio

Design and ProductionThird-Year Student
School of Design & Production
Maria Divittorio

Maria is a third-year Stage Management student in the School of Design & Production. She grew up in Richmond, Virginia, and discovered UNCSA through a former member of the theatre department at her high school who graduated from the School of Music in 2018. Maria fell in love with the community that is present at UNCSA, and loves being able to collaborate with so many amazing and new artists! 

What made you decide to come to UNCSA?

I had heard about the school through a friend, and when I decided to pursue a degree in theatre, I was highly encouraged to apply to UNCSA by some of my mentors. When I came and toured, I was astounded by the professionalism and standards that are taught by the professors. I was excited by the rigorous and informative courses, and very impressed at how students can be involved in a plethora of productions (dramas, dances, operas, films, etc.), allowing them a fully-round education.

What are your favorite things about the school?

I love the community that is present on campus. Everyone here is so committed to their art, and that is something that you don't always see in high school or community productions. It's also wonderful to be able to strike up a conversation with anyone on campus about what they are doing because we are all artists and can appreciate and support each other. The students here are so supportive. The environment in D&P is not a competitive one, but an uplifting one.