SummerSongwriting and Production Workshop

SummerSongwriting and Production Workshop

NOTE:  This program is cancelled, effective 6/21/19.

July 12 - 14, 2019

Participants will receive personal, professional feedback on their current songs and productions, and a raft of ideas, step-by-step instruction, inspiration and up-to-the-minute knowledge of current practices in the music industry - all served up in an affirming, friendly and humorous manner by sought-after music professionals Stephen Webber, Ian Kagey and Ben Cantile.

Music is more popular than ever, and a whole new generation of tools and techniques for songwriters and artists are springing into the spotlight. This three-day workshop will arm participants with effective tools and strategies for writing effective songs, and pull back the curtain on the cutting-edge secrets of modern digital production.

Whether you write songs on the keyboard, guitar, ukulele, laptop, or digital audio workstation - this workshop will help make you better at your craft. The Emmy-winning, Grammy-nominated clinicians bring a wide range of professional stylistic experience ranging from Pop to Broadway, folk to jazz, country to R&B, and hip-hop to EDM.