Schedule & Curriculum

Schedule & Curriculum

Thursday, June 21

1-2 p.m. Registration
2-6 p.m. Songwriting: Tools and Strategies
Production: Listening Like a Producer
Performance: Engagement
6-8 p.m. Dinner Break
8-10 p.m. Open Mic

Workshop Descriptions

Songwriting Tools and Strategies

Sharpen your lyric writing skills and discover the techniques that have helped Pat's students, including John Mayer and Gillian Welch, win Grammys and write number one songs. In this session you'll learn how to craft more vivid lyrics by mastering the process of building great lyrical ideas into great songs. Do all the elements of your song work together to support the song's central message and emotion? This seminar will show you tools and techniques to make your song stronger and more focused, using structure and phrasing to highlight important ideas, and deepen emotional impact. Whether you're a beginner or seasoned writer, this course will help you structure your lyrics more effectively.

Listening Like a Producer

Emmy-winning composer Stephen Webber reveals exactly how to sharpen your listening skills to transform your production, arranging, and songwriting. In this working session, practical keys to listening on technical, emotional and kinesthetic levels will lay the groundwork for strategies that have placed Stephen’s students’ productions at the top of the charts.


How closely do your performances match your intention? Through an examination of several techniques to hone your awareness, and practical approaches to preparation for performing, Clare will help you deepen your connection to your instrument, your material and your audience. Gain confidence in your ability to deliver performances you will be proud of!


Friday, June 22

 9-10 a.m. Point of View: Choosing the Best Lens
10:20-11:20 a.m. Your Voice: A Guided Tour
11:40 a.m.-12:40 p.m. Focus and Arranging for Records
12:40-2 p.m. Lunch
2-5 p.m. Master Class
8-10 p.m.  Open Mic

Workshop Descriptions

Point of View: Choosing the Best Lens

Illuminate your songwriting: Involve your audience more deeply in your song by creating the most potent lens for them to look through. This session will focus on Point of View as a tool, illustrating and understanding all the possible angles for viewing, and their effects on the listener. Choosing the right Point of View is the difference between “Wow!” and “Next.” Let everyone see your songs shine like they should!

Your Voice: A Guided Tour

Your sound is the result of a dynamic process in which several parts of your body interact. In this session, you'll develop your understanding of the structures that make up the quality of your voice. Discover and reconnect to options that will strengthen your versatility and expand your palette of choices for singing in any style.

Focus and Arranging for Records

Borrowing from experience in photography and the visual arts, Stephen Webber will walk you through tangible steps to focusing the arrangement and mix of your productions. You’ll employ concepts and specific tools to refine your demos and recordings into compelling works of art that will grab the attention of your audience and not let go. Learn to harness the power of the focal point, and how to handle supporting players to strengthen the story­telling aspects of your songs.

Master Class

In these sessions, faculty will look at participants’ songs, productions and performances, taking time to work out any kinks, focusing on tools that have proven so useful to students across the globe. Watch them take already strong songs and productions and put them through a workout until they cross the "finished" line, while millions cheer.


Saturday, June 23

10-11:20 a.m. Break Out 1 (Session A, B, C)
11:40 a.m.-1 p.m. Break Out 2 (Session D, E, F)
2-4 p.m. Final Master Class

Workshop Descriptions

Break Out 1

Music Production: Maximizing Impact with Stephen (A)

Learn the simple strategies for transforming your songs into spine-tingling recordings that people cannot stop listening to.  Set your demos and recordings apart by avoiding the mistakes that ruin most self-produced projects.  By focusing on easy-to-implement concepts and technical aspects of recording and mixing, you’ll learn to tone your tracks into focused, emotionally compelling recordings that will draw listeners in and keep their attention.  

Writing Lyrics to Melody with Pat (B)
There's no use writing a great lyric and a great melody if they don't work together. An unfortunate setting of a word or phrase can sink the emotion of the song, calling your listener's attention away from WHAT you are saying to HOW you are saying it. This session shows you how to get the most out of your lyrics by combining them accurately and effectively with melody.

Your Voice: A Guided Tour, Part Two with Clare (C)
Continuing from Saturday’s work, we will take a look at strategies professional singers use for high intensity singing.  Explore the resonances of your voice and how to effectively shape sound to get the most out of your instrument.

Break Out 2

In-Studio Class with Stephen (D)

Phrasing: The Body Language of Your Song with Pat (E)
This seminar will give you important keys to phrasing your lyrics for the most impact and support of meaning. Working with rhythms and placements, you'll learn how to make sure that the line, like body language, helps to really deliver the emotion you intend. This is another "can't miss" seminar - it's bound to take your writing to the next level.

Achieving Consistent Results with Clare (F)
Targeting specific strategies for extending range, take the fear and guesswork out of singing.  Operating from an informed understanding of how the voice works, Clare will help you feel undaunted in the driver's seat.