General Education Requirements for School of Dance

The typical course load for UNCSA college students pursuing the Bachelor of Fine Arts is two academic courses each semester. Depending on your academic background your first year you will be assigned a section of ENG 1101: Composition I for the Fall Semester that fits your dance schedule. In addition, you need to select another Division of Liberal Arts requirement. In spring you will complete the Composition sequence with ENG 1102: Composition II AND choose an elective that fulfills a remaining DLA requirement. If you come in with transfer credit for ENG 1101: Composition I you may choose to take ENG 1102: Composition II or the ENG 1200: Writing About, which may be taken to fulfill the Composition II requirement. SCI 1110: Nutrition and Personal Health is recommended as the Math or Science requirement. Outside of these courses, your Liberal Arts advisor will help you to choose appropriate classes that meet the requirements for your degree program.

Summary of the Liberal Arts courses required for a BFA in the School of Dance

Course Number Title Credit Hours
ENG 1101  Composition I 3
ENG 1102 Composition II 3
DLA elective Academic elective of choice 3
MAT or SCI SCI 1110 Nutrition/Personal Health is recommended 3
HUM 2101 Self, Society, and Cosmos 3
HUM 2102-2112 Paths to the Present (select one course) 3
PHI or PSY Philosophy or Psychology 3
HUM or HIS Humanities or History 3
LIT or WRI Literature or Writing 3
In addition to the core requirements, students must take the following courses:
SCI 2101 Studies in Human Anatomy/Physiology I 3
SCI 2102 Studies in Human Anatomy/Physiology II 3
SCI 3200 The Biology of Movement 3
Division of Liberal Arts Credit Hours = 36