Kennedy Jackson: The strife of a black girl's life

The strife of a black girl's life by Kennedy Jackson

Why is it such strife? 

Some say when they see me I am as magical as the stars.
My light is so bright that you could see me from afar.
That's why they're always trying to cling to me like leeches, but never seem to be in my reach.
Why may you ask? Because I am protective of my peace of mind, body, and self.
Baby, I'm an opened book sitting at the top of the shelf!

Being a black girl in this life? 

Some say, by the front cover, that I am a queen.
True. Through blood, I am connected to Nefertiti.
They say I am strong. I’d say no, but I won’t prove them wrong.
They say my black isn’t beautiful. I say I wish they knew!
I wish they knew that black girl magic was real before it was deemed true.

A black girl... 

Some say that I am a gift to this world. If I am a gift to this world then answer me this?
Why do you treat this black girl like shit?!
They say nothing, but continue to sing their praises.
As if they did not just give me these abrasions. 
But that’s alright, I will survive.

My ancestors are still alive. That’s why I’ll always shine. 

October 05, 2020