Taylor Pinney: Letter from Brain to Body

My submission is centered around the topic of body dysmorphia and the affects the brain has on the body. I choose to do this in the form of a letter from the body to the brain because with this disorder there is typically a disconnect between the two parties.

The letter reads:

"Dear Brain,

Why do you perceive me as being horribly flawed? Everyone else tells me that I look fine and even beautiful but you insist that I'm not enough. This is not something that you tell me every day but it's something you tell me often and it is beginning to really affect me. I wonder why … does this come from being a dancer? Would you have this idea of me if I wasn't a dancer? It's hard to tell what the answer to these questions could be because you've told me this for so long. You've only ever intensely focused on my flaws … flaws that are minor or not even noticeable by others. You compare me to others but I can't control that I'm who I am. I want to tell you that you're perfect how you are and what you see in me isn't even an issue but I don't think you'd listen to me.

With hope,

October 05, 2020