Campus Life


Who Lives on Campus?

More than 600 students live in the residence halls and student apartments each academic year. It is our philosophy that the halls and apartments provide an invaluable living and learning experience for students. We believe community living provides the individual with vital interdisciplinary contact. Also, because of the large number of hours students spend practicing or rehearsing their art, we feel the residence halls and apartments are a great housing option for our students. Immerse yourself in a community of artists.

Residence Halls A-F
Living in the center of campus.
Residence Halls A-F
Special Interest Housing
Freshman & sophomore residence halls

The College Residence Halls are three floors with each floor having four double-occupancy rooms and eight single-occupancy rooms. There are several special interest floors:

  • All female floor is for just gals.
  • All male floor is for just guys.
  • Quiet floor is for students who desired more stringent quiet hours.
  • Social Justice is a community focus on understanding basic concepts of social justice-related advocacy.
  • Art as Activism is a community dedicated to exploring how art and social activism intertwine to impact local communities and societies at large.
  • Community Service is a community focus on identifying and engaging in campus and community-based service opportunities

College Residence Halls Floor Plans

Bailey Street Apartments
Apartment living while still on campus.
Bailey Apartments
Suite Living
Private bedroom, shared living space

Bailey Street Apartments combines having a bit more room of an apartment with the convenience of still being on campus. Each apartment has four single bedrooms with shared living room, kitchen with major appliances, shower, vanity area and toilet. There are live-in Resident Managers and central laundry rooms. Student rooms have a standard twin bed, desk, dresser and built-in closet space.

Apartment areas are reserved for upper-class students, graduate students, non-traditional aged students and international students.

Bailey Street Apartments Floor Plans

Center Stage Apartments
Apartments adjacent to campus.
Center Stage Apartments
Gated Apartment Complex

All-inclusive rent

Center Stage Apartments are reserved for junior and senior college students, graduate students, non-traditional-aged students and international students. Each apartment has two single beds, a living/kitchen with major appliances including a washer and dryer in each apartment. You can quickly arrive on campus through a security gated tunnel that used to be a Winston-Salem trolley tunnel.


Moore & Stanford Halls
Residence Hall Living with Adult Supervision.
Connector Building joins Moore and Sanford halls
Close to academics, studios
24-hour security card-access only

All high school students who live too far to commute, live in Moore and Sanford halls. Males and females are separated by floors in Moore and Sanford is an all-female hall. Each room is shared with another student. Each room included twin beds, desks, chairs, dressers, built-in closets, sink and Ethernet connections. Showers and toilets are communal on the floor. There are on-site laundry facilities, live-in professional staff and full-time maintenance and housekeeping staff.

Only students living in the buildings have card access to their hall. Students leaving campus must follow check-out and check-in rules. Curfews are enforced and the staff conducts room checks. The Connector building has a common area kitchen, art studio, computer lab and study room as well as a large space for social events.

High School Residence Hall Floor Plans