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It’s an exciting time to be the University of North Carolina School of the Arts. We recently celebrated 50 years as America’s first and only public arts conservatory. Our chancellor brings an inspiring vision of UNCSA as the public arts conservatory of the 21st century: a forward-thinking institution dedicated to classical training, but equally committed to innovation, artistic exploration, and preparing our students to become entrepreneurs in the flourishing creative economy.

Why Support UNCSA?

Because you believe in the transformative power of the arts and the fundamental value of a professional arts education. Put simply, UNCSA students are the future of the visual, creative and performing arts in America. The next Oscar-winning actors, virtuoso musicians, groundbreaking filmmakers, and trend-setting designers will forge their artistic identities right here. When you support UNCSA, you make it possible for another talented and deserving young person to meet life-changing mentors, collaborate with incredible peers, work harder then ever before, and emerge as a professional artist.

Give to UNCSA

If UNCSA has touched your life — as a student, a parent, a patron of the arts, or a member of our incredible community — then you know how special this place really is. Join us in supporting the next 50 years of UNCSA.


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