Apply & Audition

Apply & Audition

Applying to the University of North Carolina School of the Arts (UNCSA) is a little different from applying to a traditional college or university. Because we are an arts conservatory, we conduct in-person auditions and interviews with all of our applicants. We believe it’s the best way to evaluate the true artistic gifts and professional potential of young artists. The auditions and interviews are held either here on our campus in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, or in major cities across America.

Find Your School

At UNCSA, you apply for admission to a specific program at one of our five schools. Each of our five conservatories has its own admissions process and school-specific requirements. Visit your school’s admission site below to learn more about supplementary application materials and how to prepare for your audition and interview:

Dance  Design & Production

DRAMA  Filmmaking


Admissions Step-by-Step

Even though each school at UNCSA has its own admissions requirements, they all share the same four-step admission process:

Step 1: Choose an audition/interview date
Before you start the online application, choose a date from the audition/interview calendar. UNCSA will confirm your audition date once we have received all other application materials.

Step 2: Complete and submit the online application
Remember to enter your audition/interview date and pay the application fee. The $95 application fee is non-refundable.

Step 3: Send supplemental documents
In addition to the online application, you will need to send us official transcripts, letters of recommendation, an artistic statement, and any other materials required by your school (portfolio, headshot, etc.). All documents, except transcripts and test scores, should be uploaded on our website. Admissions will not process any paper submissions. Transcripts and test scores should be requested from a school or institution by the student.

Step 4: Audition and interview
Come prepared for your audition and interview with all materials required by your school and program.

Important Dates & Deadlines

Please check with your individual school for important application deadlines. All application materials must be received before your audition and interview. So if you choose an early audition/interview date, your materials will need to be received before the first priority deadline, which is usually near the end of October. Plan ahead and you’ll be fine!

Get Financial Aid

UNCSA is proud to offer financial aid  in the form of scholarships, grants and work-study jobs. For undergraduate and graduate students, we offer both need-based and merit-based aid. For in-state high-school students, tuition is free! Out-of-state high-school students may quality for merit-based awards.

We encourage all students to apply for financial aid and to do it early — the priority deadline is March 1. Most financial aid at UNCSA is distributed on a first-come, first-served basis. Returning students must re-apply for financial aid each year.