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 School of Filmmaking

The Hollywood Reporter ranks UNCSA's School of Filmmaking as #13 in the top 25 film schools in the US.

Congratulations to UNCSA's student members of the Society of Camera Operators on winning the following 2014 awards on Friday, July 25th at Abel Cine in Burbank, CA.
Joseph Blankinship (class of 2014) won first place for STARLIGHT.
Tyler Harmon-Townsend (class of 2015) won for MATADOR.
Donald Monroe (class of 2015) won for COMBUSTABILLY.



Filmmaking Theater Dean's Bio UNCSA School of Filmmaking Sizzle Reel - fall 2013

Established in 1993, the School of Filmmaking is a unique arts conservatory that combines rigorous professional training with unparalleled facilities, equipment and resources. Our program is young enough to be flexible and forward-looking, but still maintain a strong emphasis in all the film crafts, using both traditional and new digital media.