Bachelor of Fine Arts – Scene Painting

Undergraduate BulletinBachelor of Fine Arts – Scene Painting


The curriculum model shown here represents the minimum coursework required for this program. It is expected that students meet with both their Arts Advisor and their General Education (DLA) Advisor regularly to ensure the correct coursework is attempted and completed. Any transfer coursework must be evaluated by the appropriate office before it may be applied to your UNCSA transcript and degree requirements, and will be reflected in your DegreeWorks profile.

BFA Degree Total 120 credits
DEP Course Total 90 credits
General Education Course Total 30 credits

General Education requirements:
3 credits FYS 1100: First Year Seminar
3 credits ENG 1200: Writing About …
3 credits HUM 2101: Self, Society, and Cosmos
3 credits HUM 2102-2112: Paths to the Present
3 credits Natural Science/Mathematics requirement (fulfilled by MAT or SCI class)
3 credits Literature/Writing requirement (fulfilled by LIT or WRI course at 2000 or 3000 level) LIT 29XX recommended
3 credits Social/Behavioral Science requirement (fulfilled by HIS or PSY class)
3 credits Humanities/Fine Arts requirement (fulfilled by any of the following areas of study: ARH, ARM, HUM, and THH classes as well as Dance, Music, and Film history provided that they are accessible to all students, and an Arts Course different from Major area)
6 credits General Education courses (two 3-credit hour courses from among any of the following areas of study offered in the Division of Liberal Arts, including ARH, ARM, COM, FRE, GER, HIS, HUM, ITA, LIT, MAT, MST, PHI, PSY, SCI, THH, WRI, or available classes in the Schools of Dance, D&P, Drama, Filmmaking, or Music). ARH, ARM, THH recommended
NOTE: ARH 1000 not recommended for General Education option for DEP students

DEP 3XXX Studio Skills Electives requirement can be fulfilled with any of the following courses: Fall Semester: DEP 3104 Studio (Figure); DEP 3114 Studio (Architecture); DEP 3115 Digital Rendering; DEP 3126 Life Drawing; DEP 3143 Wet Media; DEP 3153 Model Building; DEP 3193 Digital Graphics. Spring Semester: DEP 3024 3D Design for the Theatrical Designer; DEP 3113 Costume Rendering; DEP 3133 Portraiture; DEP 3163 Advanced Model Building; DEP 3173 Advanced Drafting; DEP 3183 Adv. Mechanical/Perspective Drawing

Arts elective credits may be fulfilled using any course offered through the School of Design & Production or School of Filmmaking.