Bachelor of Fine Arts – Scene Painting

Undergraduate Bulletin

Bachelor of Fine Arts – Scene Painting


BFA Degree Total 133 credits
DEP Course Total 94 credits
Liberal Arts Course Total 39 credits

1 DEP 3XXX Studio Skills Series requirement can be fulfilled with any of the following courses: Fall Semester: DEP 3104 Studio (Figure); DEP 3114 Studio (Architecture); DEP 3115 Digital Rendering; DEP 3126 Life Drawing; DEP 3143 Wet Media; DEP 3153 Model Building; DEP 3193 Digital Graphics. Spring Semester: DEP 3024 3D Design for the Theatrical Designer; DEP 3113 Costume Rendering; DEP 3133 Portraiture; DEP 3163 Advanced Model Building; DEP 3173 Advanced Drafting; DEP 3183 Adv. Mechanical/Perspective Drawing

2 HIS 2700: Survey of American Architecture suggested for the History Elective