Arts Entrepreneurship Minor

Arts Entrepreneurship Minor

Program Description

The goal of the Minor in Arts Entrepreneurship at UNCSA is to provide students with additional tools that will aid in their discovery, or creation, of entrepreneurially-based opportunities related to their art.

Program Requirements

  1. Total credit hours required: 15 credit hours (at least 6 beyond the General Education 30-credit core)
  2. Courses accepted to fulfill the 15-credit hour requirement:
    1. Required: ARM 1000 – Introduction to Arts Management (3 credits)


    2. Three courses from the following list:
      ARM 2000 – The Artist Entrepreneur (3 credits)
      ARM 2020 – Negotiation (3 credits)
      ARM 2050 – Personal Finance for the Artist (3 credits)

      Other ARM courses counting toward this requirement may be implemented and added to this list, based on instructor availability, scheduling, and other considerations.

      Additional courses within in the Art schools that fulfill the intention of the Minor may be accepted in partial fulfillment of this requirement, upon preapproval of the Minor Coordinator. (maximum of 6 credits allowed)


    3. One course from the following list (maximum of three credits allowed for minor):
      MAT 1100 – College Algebra (3 credits)
      MAT 1200 – Foundations of Finance (3 credits)
      MAT 1300 – Statistical Reasoning (3 credits)
      MAT 1500 – Applied Mathematics (3 credits)
      MAT 2300 – Calculus (3 credits)


      An approved AP course (or equivalent) in college-level mathematics may be accepted to fulfill this requirement, with approval of the Minor Coordinator.

    4. Up to three credits earned through the UNC Online program may be accepted for items b) or c), above, upon preapproval of the Minor Coordinator.

    5. Requests for consideration of transfer credits from other institutions that meet the spirit of the program’s goals may be considered as counting toward fulfillment of the Minor’s requirements, with the approval of the Dean and Minor Coordinator. (maximum of 3 credits allowed)