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Charlie Herron

Charlie Herron

"Knowing Me, Knowing You"

It’s no secret that in history relationships functioned primarily as an economic transaction. The double portraits illuminated on the projector screen in art history class painted this idea so clearly into my head; piece after piece showed couples flaunting their wealth, high social status and complacency with the standards of their respective cultures. Commissioned to add the tiniest highlights to pearl necklaces and smoothest contours into regal dresses, painters crammed just about every detail signaling how rich and up to standard the “lovers” were, while leaving out just about any sense of happiness and individuality between the two.

As history has progressed, relationships have shifted from functioning for the sake of business to functioning simply as a union of love and happiness. Additionally, defying gender roles and retaining individuality within those relationships are more accepted in today’s age. However, as younger generations fall into relationships and embrace self expression, the previous constraints on relationships and self expression upheld in history for so long still affect modern relationships. With oil paints and a 24” x 30” canvas, I aimed to capture a glimpse into this idea. “Knowing Me, Knowing You” is a double portrait of contemporary youth, exploring the excitement and vibrancy of discovering new relationships, while revealing inflicted tension and shame that foretell their end.