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Xia Raburn

Xia Raburn


These tiny creatures hold the very essence of creators, oozing creativity and a feeling of otherworldliness. Electric colors that harmonize, appendages that resemble glass, an ethereal transparency that defies the perceptions of reality. The perfection of the designs, sea slug after sea slug, shows the power of mother nature. From a young age, these wondrous chromodorises have sparked my scientific curiosity and fundamentally inspired my visual language.

In creating my giant sea slugs, I wanted to bring these tiny amazing creatures from the tropical waters to the center stage, making them impossible to overlook. In actuality, these fellas are only about 3 centimeters long, and with over 3,000 species, very little is known about their biology. However, each new piece of information discovered has led to bursts of biological innovation, from cancer treatments to insights on climate change. Their vibrant blades communicate menace and danger, yet their genetics have helped hundreds. Inspired by their evolutionary excellence, I want to broadcast their information to the world.

Inspired by their playful appearance, I placed them in comical scenes designed to share some of my favorite fun facts, informing everyone of their brilliance. Despite being simple soft-bodied brainless slugs, they are overflowing with inherent beauty, scientific wonder, and mystical vitality. What more can we uncover from these remarkable organisms?