Jacquie Barnbrook

Residency MentorMedia + Emerging Technology Lab

Jacquie Barnbrook

Jacquie Barnbrook was the producer of Sony Pictures Imageworks’ first in-house animated short film, “The ChubbChubbs!,” winner of the 2002 Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film. “The ChubbChubbs!,” which was seen in over 2,500 theaters was also honored with a BAFTA nomination and was the recipient of numerous awards. It is the first animated short to have its own DVD release.

She wrote, produced and co-directed an award-winning live action short film entitled “Wear Something Nice.” Jacquie also helped create and produce “Inspire: Chicago Spire,” an artistic CG film about the Chicago Spire, intended to be the largest residential building in the western hemisphere. She produced the theatrically released animated short “Live Music,” which was animated through the power of social networking. She is currently directing several animated PSAs for the web about the tragic state of plastic in our ocean.

Jacquie has 20+ years of experience in film, primarily in visual effects and animation, working with A-level producers and directors—both as a producer and an actor. Some of her credits include “Contact,” “Shrek 2, & 3,” “Haunted Mansion,” “Spider-Man,” “Stuart Little,” “Body of Lies,” “Sex and the City 2,” “A Christmas Carol,” “The Adventures of Tintin,” Ocean’s 13,” “Alice in Wonderland,” “Ted,” “The Hunger Games,” “Cosmos: A Space Odyssey,” “The Little Prince,” “Jungle Book,” “Pirates of the Caribbean 5” and most recently she has been consulting with Disney as the bidding producer for “Dumbo,” “Aladdin,” “A Wrinkle in Time,” “The Nutcracker and the Four Realms,” “Pinocchio,” “Cruella,” “Lady and the Tramp” and “Togo” for their streaming platform.

Her experience in leading edge technology has led her to producing live action 360 video and CG interactive VR projects for The Virtual Reality Company; “The Bus to Canton,” a VR documentary about Jerome Bettis and his rise to the Football Hall of Fame; “The Martian VR Experience,” a narrative interactive experience which was the first of its kind as an immersive cinema experience; and consulting for Ridley Scott and Associates. She is currently directing a live action comedy series and in pre-production on several animated VR projects with her partners at VRiety Shows! 

Lastly, she is partnered with Emmy and Academy Award-winning make-up designer Bill Corso at Digital Make-up Group, a digital enterprise specializing in aging, de-aging and enhancing real world and other worldly characters.