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Faculty with Students

The MFA program in Film Music Composition at the School of Filmmaking offers a unique opportunity for the nascent film composer to fully collaborate in a working production and postproduction environment with student filmmakers. Student composers will have the opportunity to score numerous student productions over the course of the two-year program, while honing their musical and compositional skills. Film Music Composition students will take courses specifically designed to equip the composer with a variety of skills. These will include digital and analog recording, orchestrating, conducting, the film music business, scoring for feature film, television and new media, and collaborating with directors, producers, editors and musicians.

Most importantly, this Master of Fine Arts program will afford student composers more films to score than any comparable program in the world: potentially, each student could end up scoring more than 20 short films in each year of this two-year program. Students score films of a variety of styles (narrative fiction, animation, documentary and experimental) and of various lengths and formats (as short as five minutes and as long as 20 minutes, on both digital video and 16mm film).

The depth and intensity of the training, along with the curricular diversity offered by a specialized faculty, provide the variety of experience necessary to function successfully within the highly competitive world of film music composition.