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Tuition and Fees

Tuition and fees must be paid before the beginning of each semester for which the student is enrolled, pursuant to UNCSA's Student Payment Policy. Students may not attend classes until such payment is received.

The University of North Carolina School of the Arts reserves the right, with the approval of the proper authorities, to make changes in tuition and other fees at any time.

Questions concerning payment of tuition and fees should be directed to the office of Student Accounts, located on the second floor of the Welcome Center or can be reached at

View the 2023-2024 Tuition and Fees (subject to change).

Withdrawal and Refund Policy

Students who officially withdraw from UNCSA may be entitled to a proportionate refund of tuition and fees. To receive the refund to which a student is entitled, if any, the student must submit the appropriate withdrawal form, available from the Registrar. In order for the student to be eligible for consideration for a refund, the student must be in good standing at the time of withdrawal.

Withdrawal Time Frame (for Non-Title IV Federal Aid Recipients)

The percentage of tuition, fees, room, and meals (less non-refundable advance payments) that may be refunded are outlined below.

Through 1st week 90 percent
Through 2nd week 80 percent
Through 3rd week 60 percent
Through 4th week 40 percent
After 4th week 0

Attendance is counted from the first day of required attendance in a semester. Fractions of a week count as a full week. No refunds will be made following the fourth week. Exceptions to the policy may be reviewed by the Tuition and Fees Appeals Committee. Refunds of less than $10 will not be issued. If a student withdraws or cancels registration before the first day of classes, no financial aid will be disbursed, and the student will be responsible for any charges he/she may owe.

UNCSA will prorate institutional charges for Federal Title IV aid recipients based on the percentage of the semester completed, calculated by dividing the number of calendar days the student attended in the semester by the total number of calendar days in the semester. Title IV financial aid recipients will be charged for a percentage of the semester equal to the percentage of aid they “earned.” After completing more than 60 percent of the semester as calculated above, the student will have “earned” 100 percent of his/her institutional charges, as well as his/her Title IV financial aid.

If a student withdraws or cancels registration before the first day of classes, no financial aid will be disbursed, and the student will be responsible for any charges he/she may owe.

The following exception to the refund policy will be applicable to students receiving funds from the Veterans Administration under the provisions of Title 38, United States Code. The amount charged to such persons for tuition, fees, and other charges for a portion of the course will not exceed the approximate pro-rata portion of the total charges that the length of the completed portion of the course bears to its total length.

Suspension or Unofficial Withdrawal

Students who are suspended for disciplinary reasons or who do not formally withdraw are not eligible for a refund of tuition, fees, room, or meals.

Advance Tuition Deposit - New Students

New students accepted for admission to UNCSA are required to submit an advance tuition deposit of $200, which is applied as a partial payment of the student’s tuition and fees for the academic semester for which the student is accepted. This advance tuition deposit must be paid within three weeks of the student’s letter of acceptance. If the advance tuition deposit is not paid within this period, UNCSA reserves the right to withdraw the offer of admission and offer the space to another qualified applicant. In addition, any scholarship or financial aid may be forfeited if the advance tuition deposit is not paid within the specified period of time.

If an applicant for the fall semester pays the required advance tuition deposit and then decides not to enroll, the applicant shall be afforded a full refund, providing the applicant notifies the Office of Admissions by May 1st. If a student has paid an advance tuition deposit and decides not to enroll and fails to notify the admissions office by the specified deadline, the student shall forfeit any advance tuition deposit paid.

Students accepted after May 1st must pay their tuition and housing deposit within three weeks of receipt of the letter of acceptance. No refunds are offered after May 1st.

Advance Housing Deposit - New Students

New students are required to pay a $300 advance housing deposit to reserve a space in an on-campus residence hall.   New students are required to pay the $300 advance housing deposit at the same time the advance tuition deposit is paid. When a new student is fully accepted for admission to UNCSA, he or she is notified by the Office of Admissions that the tuition and housing deposits are due and payable. The advance housing deposit shall be applied against the student’s housing fee. Procedures for refund are the same as for the advance tuition deposit.