Student Payment Regulation 317

Regulation 317 Approved: March 19, 2018
Student Payment Regulation
Regulation 317
Source of Authority:

N.C.G.S. ยง 116-143
Statewide Cash Management Plan
UNC Code 502(A)

Revision Authority: Chancellor
History: First Issued: March 19, 2018
Related Regulations:

Cash Management Regulation 302;
Cashier Regulation 303

Responsible Offices: Financial Services Department
Effective Date: March 19, 2018

I. Purpose

This regulation is to effectuate UNCSA's adherence to North Carolina General Statute 116-143, which legally mandates the University to charge and collect tuition, fees and other applicable payments for the term at the beginning of each semester or quarter.

II. Scope

This regulation applies to all students enrolled at UNCSA.

III. Definitions

A. "Authorized Payment Plan" refers to payment plans made available through UNCSA's student account system (TouchNet) or an alternate plan authorized by the Bursar or their delegate.

B. "Deferment" refers to an authorized postponement of payment until a defined future time within the same semester or term.

C. "Delinquent Account" refers to a student account that is not paid or deferred in its entirety on or before the published billing due date.

D. "Miscellaneous Institutional Charges" refers to fees assessed on a student account for charges that are not part of mandatory tuition and fees for enrollment or on-campus housing. For example, these charges include but are not limited to parking tickets, library charges, and room cleaning charges.

E. "Third Party Payment" refers to payment made by a university department or outside organization that commits to pay for all or part of the semester charges for a specific student.

IV. Regulation

A. Generally

i. In accordance with state law, payment for tuition and fees is due prior to the start of the term.

ii. Student registering during the normal registration cycle must pay tuition and fees or defer their bill by the due date noted on the bill. Past due prior term balances cannot be deferred.

iii. Students registering after the published billing due date for the term must remit prepayment of tuition and fees or provide proof of deferment before being allowed to register.

iv. Students who have not paid or deferred their bill are deemed to have a delinquent account, which may result in corrective actions as described in this regulation.

B. Deferments Available

i. The Student Accounts Office may offer deferments in the following situations:

1. Authorized Payment Plan. Students enrolled in an Authorized Payment Plan will receive appropriate extended due dates. Prior term accounts cannot be deferred through a current term payment plan and are due before enrolling in a Plan.

2. On-Going Appeals. Students undergoing an appeal for charges on their account may receive a deferment on related charges until the appeal has resolved.

3. Third-Party Payments. Students eligible for third-part payment may receive a deferment upon receipt of a written authorization from the third party that outlines the name and ID of the student, the time period covered by the payment, the type of charges covered and all details regarding payment.

4. Payments or Waivers in Process. Upon notification of a payment or waiver in process, a deferment may be granted to cover a reasonable amount of processing time.

ii. The Financial Aid Office may grant deferments to students receiving financial aid for any amounts covered by potential aid. Students must follow all related Financial Aid policies and procedures to ensure the aid becomes actual and the deferment remains in place until aid is disbursed. If there is not sufficient funding for the anticipated tuition, fees and housing charges, the unfunded portion must be paid or covered by enrollment in an Authorized Payment Plan by the original due date.

C. Delinquent Accounts

i. A delinquent account may be brought back to good standing through payment or deferment as described in this regulation.

ii. Failure to abide by the terms set forth in the Authorized Payment Plan may result in cancellation of the plan and account delinquency.

iii. Student accounts that are not paid or deferred by the payment due date are subject to a $100 late fee.

iv. Corrective Actions. UNCSA reserves the right to take the following measures as a result of delinquent accounts. Corrective actions should be taken in the order presented below to ensure fair and equitable application of regulation and policy.

1. Holds. Student Accounts may place a hold on any account that is past due. These holds prevent registration, viewing of grades, and receipt of transcripts and diplomas.

2. One Card Access. Student Accounts may revoke One Card Access on campus, restricting access to buildings and meal plans.

3. Removal from Class. Students with an active hold for non-payment may not be permitted to attend class.

4. Cancellation of Course Schedule. In the event of continued delinquency, a student's class schedule may be canceled through deregistration.

a. Seats in classes vacated due to deregistration are open to the wait list, and may not be available for reregistration.

b. Delinquent accounts due solely to miscellaneous institutional charges are not subject to cancellation.

c. Individuals who are not registered for classes and have made no action towards returning their account to good standing will no longer be considered students and will have housing privileges discontinued.

D. Special Circumstances

i. Any payments refused by the payer bank due to inaccurate bank account information, insufficient funds or closed account are subject to a $25.00 returned payment fee. In addition, corrective actions may be taken if the returned payment results in a delinquent account.

ii. The Provost's Office may grant temporary deferments in special circumstances as needed.

V. Revision History

A. Approved by the Chancellor March 19, 2018