The Kenan Institute for the Arts is a creative catalyst that encourages and supports the exploration and development of new knowledge to transform the way artists, organizations and communities approach their creative challenges.

The Kenan Institute believes that artists can contribute their creative ideas, visionary leadership and novel strategies to strengthen our culture, build businesses and generate innovative ideas.

The Kenan Institute advances this vision by fostering new knowledge, developing capacity and forging strategic alliances across the arts and other sectors. We work in three primary areas: developing arts leadership, entrepreneurship and innovation; expanding career pathways; and demonstrating the economic and social value of the arts.

At the University of North Carolina School of the Arts, the Kenan Institute invites the campus community to explore new ideas, develop greater capacity and generate innovative approaches to creative challenges.

In the community, the Kenan Institute forges alliances aimed at strengthening the arts ecosystem and increasing the contributions that artists make to develop social and economic capital.

Regionally and nationally, the Kenan Institute collaborates with leading artists and partners with exemplary arts organizations to advance the creative community.

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