Thomas S. Kenan Institute for the Arts

Thomas S. Kenan Institute for the Arts

The Thomas S. Kenan Institute for the Arts is a catalyst that encourages and supports the exploration and development of new knowledge to transform the way artists, organizations and communities approach their creative challenges.

The Artist as Leader
Ashok Sinha

Our Artist as Leader interview series invites artists with diverse careers and experiences to reflect on how the creative process has helped them develop attributes of leadership such as vision, empathy, authenticity, persistence, patience, as well as the ability to listen deeply and to empower others.

Our latest interview with Turner executive Ashok Sinha was conducted by Corey Madden. 

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Our Strategic Directions
Artist Leadership

Strategic Directions 1

Developing leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators in the arts

Artists contribute their creative ideas, visionary leadership and novel strategies to strengthen our culture, build businesses and generate innovation.

The Kenan Institute will devote resources to understanding and developing artist leadership as an evolving body of knowledge, entrepreneurship as a sustainable career practice and artists’ capacity to fuel innovation.


Our Strategic Directions
Arts and Society

Strategic Directions 2

Demonstrating the value and impact of the arts in society

Artists help build vibrant communities through their work, their ideas and their leadership. The Kenan Institute will focus resources toward local and regional projects with national impact that empower and engage artists and the wider creative sector in addressing issues such as equity and diversity, urban and economic development, and civic engagement.


Our Strategic Directions
Career Pathways

Strategic Directions 3

Broadening opportunities for sustainable careers in the arts

Artists face many barriers to establishing and sustaining their creative careers. The Kenan Institute will focus research and resources on understanding diverse career pathways in the arts, strengthening our professional development partnerships and sharing innovative strategies with the UNC School of the Arts and the field.