Creative CoWorks

Creative CoWorks is a shared-use space located on the Third Floor of 500 W. 5th Street in downtown Winston-Salem.

The Thomas S. Kenan Institute for the Arts manages the use of Creative CoWorks on behalf of UNCSA. Creative CoWorks is available to use for events that are programmatic in scope and that align with the strategic missions of UNCSA and the Kenan Institute.

Creative CoWorks is open to use by UNCSA faculty, staff, and guest artists, Kenan Institute program alumni, and community partners, who may request to use the space for meetings, convenings and brainstorming sessions that fulfill the mission of the space.

Those requesting to use the space for filming should contact or 336-770-1432 for details.

This space offers programmatic facilities, classrooms and ‘blue sky’ meeting space, including the Creative CoWorks Suite and four rooms shared by all residents of the third floor— a Board Room, Event Room & Kitchen, General Conference Room and Seminar Room.

Space details:

*Rooms in the Creative CoWorks shared spaces are subject to availability.

Creative CoWorks Suite

Capacity: 40
Room size: 1615 SF

  • Blue-sky meeting space
  • Office space
  • Flex space
  • Movable whiteboards

Board Room

Capacity: 14
Room size: 566 SF

  • AV with Click Share wireless screen sharing
  • Flat Screen TV
  • WiFi availability
  • Video Conferencing

Event Space and Kitchen

Capacity: 30
Room size: 1001 SF

  • Multipurpose Room
  • Whiteboard
  • Projector
  • Microphone/Speaker system
  • Flexible seating and table arrangements

General Conference Room

Capacity: 10
Room size: 320 SF

  • AV with Click Share wireless screen sharing
  • Click Share Wireless screen sharing
  • Wireless Presentation
  • Whiteboard
  • Videoconferencing

Seminar Room

Capacity: 32
Room size: 991 SF

  • Presentation Room
  • AV Projector
  • Whiteboard
  • Microphone/Speaker
  • Fixed seating
  • Videoconferencing (From back of room, facing the speaker)


Please review the Space Use Guidelines for Creative CoWorks policies and additional details before requesting a reservation.

Events and convenings may be scheduled during Creative CoWorks operating hours of 8:30 a.m.–5 p.m., Monday through Friday. The space is closed for state and federal holidays.

For additional information, contact or 336-770-1432.

The Creative CoWorks space offers programmatic facilities, classrooms and ‘blue sky’ meeting space.The space is located on the University Floor (3rd Floor) of the Don Flow Building at 500 West Fifth Street. Shared spaces are available for events, meetings, classes and presentations. The Conference Room (to the right of the break room area) has space for meetings of up to 10, with adjacent individual meeting areas (to the left of the break room).Individual meeting rooms offer space for smaller collaborations and conversations.Individual meeting rooms offer space for smaller collaborations and conversations.The Board Room has capacity for up to 14 people and includes a flatscreen TV, whiteboard, Apple TV and other technologies.The Seminar Room has technologies for a variety of presentations, including an AV projector, Apple TV, wireless capabilities and others, with capacity for up to 32 people.Shared spaces can also support food/beverage service and catering (see Space Use Guidelines for additional information).