Overcoming Creative Blocks

June 10, 2021
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Do you find yourself stuck in a creative rut? Do you feel uninspired, out of ideas and generally “meh?” Are you dreaming of a more positive, productive, and consistent relationship with your creativity? You’re not alone, and there’s help! In this innovative, fast-paced, and fun workshop, you’ll gain valuable insights on what may be holding you back, and learn easy, proven tactics for reigniting your creative spark! Whether you’re a professional creative or just looking to boost your creative potential, “Overcoming Creative Blocks” will get you back into a state of flow!

You’ll learn key strategies, including:

  • The “3 Questions” method for kickstarting your curiosity
  • Identifying the 5 “Monsters” that keep you blocked
  • The 6-step system for overcoming blocks to creativity

You’ll also receive a printable workbook for future use, with bonus material including 10 creativity prompts to help you get unstuck in a pinch, and hyperlinked resources for further study!

About the Presenter

Nicole Poole headshot

Nicole Poole is a multidisciplinary performing artist, award-winning narrator and curator currently based in Oklahoma City. She is also one of only a handful of theatre artists worldwide certified in Soundpainting, the art of live composition. Nicole’s values of compassion and service, combined with her penchant for collaboration and delightful disruption, manifest in pop-up creative hijinks around the world.


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