Picture Your Passion

Design Your 2021 Future Focus

December 8, 2020 — Zoom Webinar Recording

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Picture Your Passion drawing

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This power-packed session includes blue-sky thinking, calling in your super powers, and visualizing your focus for 2021. Working with Chris Chopyak (founder of Arlosoul: Visualize Innovation), thought-leader, visual and business strategist and author, you will:

  • Create a map to link your passions to your 2021 plan for work, life and joy in these extraordinary times.
  • Take control of your future and story by drawing your plan for 2021.
  • Learn new ways to tackle your “New Year’s Resolution” so you can focus on the right things and achieve your goals.
  • Have fun and be inspired to go into 2021 with fresh perspective and a concrete plan!

You DO NOT need to know how to draw anything in order to take this program – your imagination and willingness is all that is required.

About the Presenter

Chris Chopyak

Chris is a sought-after speaker, author (the 2014 McGraw-Hill Professional bestseller, "Picture Your Business Strategy: Transform Decisions withthe Power of Visuals") and creative entrepreneur that has supported businesses, universities and NGOs across the globe with skilled facilitation, visual strategy and organizational development for over 20 years.

Chris has the uncanny ability to combine strategy, design thinking and innovation with pictures and color, turning everyday work into meaningful and thoughtful strategy and action.

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