Goals and Project Timeline

Strategic Plan

Goals and Project Timeline

CSI Goals

  • To create a balanced schedule between the two academic semesters, ensuring a consistent amount of contact time in hours/minutes across all programs and the academic year.

  • To create an integrated block schedule to fit into the yearly academic calendar for UNCSA that contains recurring times for interdisciplinary work while upholding health and wellness and EDIB.  

  • To develop a production calendar that aligns with the structure of the academic calendar.

  • To develop a strategy that maximizes “Intensive Arts” at UNCSA, leveraging its inherent interdisciplinary opportunities that will enable full participation by all conservatories.

  • To maintain a high level of rigor and support academic/learning outcomes.

  • To lead to a sense of wholeness, consistency, and a more integrated experience for students, faculty and staff.


January 19, 2022 Draft conceptual template developed and delivered to the sponsor, leader and others as requested for initial review
Late February Pilot template delivered to Educational Policies Committee (EPC) for their review and input at their meeting on March 23
Late March Present the pilot template to EPC for input and feedback
Late April Finalized pilot template delivered (reflecting the input and feedback of EPC and others) to all conservatories and programs for their use in curricular and events planning in PHASE 2 of this project