Resources for Alumni

Resources for Alumni

UNCSA alumni enjoy a lifetime membership in one of the most exclusively awesome tribes on the planet. No matter where you live and work, there are many ways to stay connected to friends and faculty from UNCSA: follow us on Facebook or attend an alumni event, for starters.

Stay Connected

Throughout the month of April, we're building community on social media with fun topics to generate conversation and engage with alumni worldwide. Review the schedule below, and join us as we celebrate!

April 6-12 Coloring Creativity

Download the Pickle mascot coloring sheet, and share your creation with us on social media by adding #PoweringCreativity to your post.


April 13-19 Pickle Recipes What's on the menu? Inspire us with your favorite pickle recipe, and share it with #PoweringCommunity on social media.
April 20-26 Throwback Photos Dig into the archives, and share a photo from your days attending (U)NCSA. We'll repost some favorites using the hashtag #UNCSAalumni.
April 27 - May 3 Pickle Pets Show off your cute pets with #PicklePets... bonus points if their name is inspired by UNCSA! 

Keep in Touch

We love to hear what our alumni are doing and share that news with the larger UNCSA community. Keep us informed! Please send news and updates to Amy Werner at or give her a call at 336-770-3203.

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