Rules & Policies

The College Student Handbook is one of several publications students are responsible for reading. The  UNCSA Undergraduate Bulletin, Graduate Bulletin, supplemental art school and academic program handbooks or handouts also include student policies and expectations. In the event of a conflict between this handbook and the actual policy or procedure, the actual policy or procedure controls.

College STUDENT HANDBOOK       UNCSA Undergraduate BULLETIN         

Residents who wish to have a guest who is not a UNCSA student, faculty or staff, on campus may register that guest with their Resident Assistant or Manager. No visitor may be an overnight guest for more than two consecutive nights or for more than ten nights total during the academic year.

Roommate Solutions
We encourage you to directly communicate your concerns and needs to your roommate or suitemates. It is encouraged to develop a roommate agreement. Your Resident Assistant or Resident Manager can help guide you through this agreement. If a change of housing is required, the students will work with the College Life Housing Coordinator to make the necessary changes.

Quiet Hours
The Quiet Hours policy guarantees individuals privacy and freedom from noise, particularly during the late night, sleeping hours. It is considered a violation of privacy for anyone to cause unreasonable, excessively loud or disturbing noise in the college residence halls during quiet hours.

Weekdays: 10 p.m. – 10 a.m.
Weekends: Midnight – 10 a.m.

Arts practice in college residence hall rooms (i.e., playing music, vocalizing, dancing, juggling, etc.) is discouraged at any time. Arts practice is prohibited before noon and after 8 p.m. in the college residence area – including all public areas, lounges and areas surrounding the residence halls.

Residence Halls are closed for winter and spring breaks. Students are required to vacate the halls during these periods. The apartments do not close during break periods.