Phased Retirees Checklist

Ensure you have completed the following:

___ Review all Phased Retirement Program documents in the Phased Retirement section of the Faculty Affairs website.  Contact the Director of Faculty Affairs if you have any questions about the program or to discuss your individual circumstances (336-770-1364 or

___ Discuss the possibility of entering Phased Retirement with your dean. Discuss options for your Half‐Time Work Plan.

___  Make an appointment with the Benefits Manager, Lauretta Baldwin, in Human Resources to discuss your individual retirement (336-770-1451 or

___  If you decide to apply for phased retirement, complete the Application, Re-employment Agreement & Half-Time Work Plan (Application) and forward it to your dean for approval.  

___  The Office of the Dean will forward the Application to Faculty Affairs for confirmation of eligibility and provost approval. You will receive a copy of the approved Application from the Office of Faculty Affairs along with a Phased Retirement Program General Release for your consideration.

___  From the date that you receive a copy of the approved Application and General Release, you will have forty-five (45) calendar days within which to consider the Release. The date of “receipt” is the date on which UNCSA either physically delivers to you the aforementioned documents or the date on the return receipt card that you signed upon delivery to you by registered mail.

___ If you decide to complete the Phased Retirement Program process, complete the General Release. Your signature must be notarized.

___  Forward the notarized general release form to the Office of Faculty Affairs.

___ You have the right to revoke the Application and General Release anytime within seven (7) calendar days after all documents are fully executed by all parties. Revocation must be in writing.  

___ Your original Application and General Release will be placed in your faculty personnel file in the Office of Faculty Affairs.