Allen Smith

Social StudiesHigh School Academic Programs
O: 336-631-1521
Allen Smith

I am a Social Studies educator within the UNCSA High School program; my courses may vary from year to year. I typically instruct World and U.S. History.  Both courses are part lecture and discussion based. All courses that I instruct are infused with outside readings (primary and secondary sources), films, and artwork.

As a Social Studies educator, I pride myself on building a strong rapport with my students; this allows students to trust themselves and begin to take ownership of their own learning experience as I push them to succeed in a rigorous coursework.

Career Highlights

  • Currently an AP World History reader and curriculum outliner/developer.
  • Afforded the opportunity to help build a strong high school student government program and participate in ongoing student advocacy on the UNCSA campus.
  • Over ten years of international educational travel experience with students in Europe, Asia Minor, Central America and the South Pacific.
  • Participated as an educational tour guide with Envision for student groups within the United States: Washington, D.C., Harpers Ferry, W.V. and Baltimore, M.D..
  • Employed as a full time social studies educator, A.P. World instructor and student government advisor at Mount Tabor High School in Winston-Salem, NC from 2004 until 2013.


  • American History Association
  • National Consortium for Teaching about Asia


M.A.Appalachian State University

B.S.Appalchian State University

A.A.Central Piedmont Community College