Dona Cooper

I know that writers with an original and dynamic voice have the best chance of standing out from the crowd, but they also need to have a full range of professional techniques in order to function successfully in the professional world. I call that combination an “educated gut,” and I focus my teaching primarily on helping students achieve a dynamic balance between their individual creative instincts and professional command of craft.

I like to have a relaxed, candid atmosphere in class when students feel free to express themselves both about their own writing and the work of others so that we can help students can become comfortable with the entire range of script development process.

Career Highlights

  • After starting as a freelance story analyst I became the head of the NBC Story Department
  • I was then promoted to Director of NBC’s Primetime Drama
  • I became Vice President at Scripps Howard Productions
  • Was hired as Senior Vice President of ABC Daytime in New York
  • Creative consultant for a variety of network TV shows since joining UNCSA’s faculty