Martha Golden

Martha Golden has taught three levels of high school French at UNCSA since joining the faculty of the High School Academic Program in 1993. During her time at UNCSA, she has also served as the High School Academic Program advisor to the Student Leadership Board, as chair of the Foreign Language Department, as a member of the School Improvement Team and the SACS Reaccreditation team.

The work I do with each of my high school students at UNCSA is affected by a myriad of factors such as their language backgrounds; interests; daily academic, artistic, and residential experiences; motivation; natural ability; learning difficulties; and future plans.

According to the Excellence in Teaching Awards Committee: “It is clear that Golden is committed to helping students become the true ‘citizen artists’ that we value so highly on our campus. Student learning and student welfare are at the heart of her instruction, and these two elements are the essence of excellence in teaching.”